HGA Buffer

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HGA Buffer is Encapsulated (Active ingredient is enclosed in a capsule) to ensure delivery to the hind gut. Horses suffering from (HGA) Hind Gut Acidosis may develop anorexia, colic or display stereotypical behaviors such as wood chewing and stall weaving.

Furthermore, long term exposure to pH levels below 5.8 will begin to have detrimental effects on the epithelial lining of the colonic and cecal walls that may affect absorptive capacity.

The popular belief of many breeders and trainers lean towards feeding athletes and breeding horses large amounts of starchy feed for energy.

A high grain diet for a horse, combined with hard work and stress, produces a high amount of acidity.

First Place Feeds Ltd has designed a supplement that acts as a buffer which can be added to the feed ration in order to maintain correct PH levels and to help treat and/or prevent acidosis.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review