Soybean / Canola Meal For Horses

Soybean Meal For Horses

Currently the highest quality protein source for horses being added to feed is soybean meal, or a soybean product. It has been found that soybean meal as a protein source is superior to cottonseed meal, which is the most common protein source for horse feed.

Soybean meal, milk protein, and alfalfa are high in lysine, while grains and grasses are generally low. The two most common protein sources used in horse feeds are canola meal and soybean meal.

Canola meal being primarily a Canadian sourced ingredient while most soybean meal comes from the USA. Both are excellent sources of protein. Many people believe that horses like the taste of the canola meal over its imported counterpart. Canola meal is approx. 36% protein while soy meal runs at approx. 46%.

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