Supreme 14% Complete Feed

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Product Overview

The development of the foal begins at the time of conception, and the importance of appropriate feeding from this time onwards cannot be overstressed. Supreme 14% complete pellets was designed to meet the needs of pregnant and lactating mares, young stock up to 2 years old, and provides a nutritionally balanced diet for the working stallion.

Every mare has an optimum body condition, and productivity will be at its very best if this is maintained all year long. She should have a layer of fat covering her ribs so they are not actually seen, but can be easily felt by running your hand down the side of her rib cage. During the last three months of pregnancy, a fetus gains 65% of its birth weight, and foals are born with 40% of their skeletal structure already developed. If the mare is receiving a deficient diet at this stage of pregnancy, there is a definite possibility that the foal will develop its skeletal structure with an inadequate supply or incorrect balance of vitamins and minerals.

This superior complete feed formula is also optimal for Performance Horses.


Nutritional Information:

This feed contains supplemental selenium at 0.3 mg/kg


Crude Protein (min) 14.0%           Crude Fat (min) 5.0%

Crude Fibre (max) 13.5%             Calcium (act) 0.85%

Phosphorus (act) 0.65%               Magnesium (act) 0.25%

Sodium (act) 0.41%                     Potassium (act) 0.70%

                                                  Manganese (act) 287 mg/kg]

Copper (act) 100 mg/kg               Zinc (act) 370 mg/kg

Iodine (min) 2.0 mg/kg                Vitamin A (min) 40,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D (min) 4,000 IU/kg         Vitamin E (min) 400 IU/kg

Vitamin K 13.6 mg/kg                   Vitamin B12 0.04 mg/kg

Thiamine 13.7 mg/kg                   Riboflavin 40.18 mg/kg

Pantothenic Acid 30.48 mg/kg       Niacin 62.19 mg/kg

Folic Acid 20.0 mg/kg                   Biotin 4,000 mcg/kg

Pyridoxine 23.69 mg/kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review